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Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Light Bill Of June Month Is Right Or Wrong - News Sect

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News Sect:-

        India has been under lockdown due to the coronavirus from the last week of March. It's been 5 months since no one has even tried to go on some tour or any other place to visit. In a lockdown, everyone was in their home. So the use of electrical appliances results in daily routine has been increased exponentially. But the bill has been increased as a result of this extra use or not is a still question. 

Everything has gone online, everyone is using phone, laptop and also television is on for relaxing. If you will observe carefully the use of television has been increased exponentially which result in an excessive increase in the light bill. 

But the question arrives in mind the bill which has come is the result of our use or not. From March and up to June the bill came to our house is od random number but the number was fixed and also the number was close to our monthly bill and in July the bill increased exponentially. Let's consider our normal bill was around 900 per month and from March to June the bill was 880 per month. Let's consider the extra bill each and every month which will be 990 rupees per month. 

So everyone is saying the bill amount for July is correct then the bill should be around 1200 rupees to the 1300 rupees. If you would do the calculation let's consider the bill of July as 900 rupees and extra 100 rupees bill of every month so it would become around 1300 rupees. But the bill came to every citizen was around 4000 to 6000 rupees. So was that the right bill or the wrong bill? According to the government, the bill rates have been increased since March. If we will take that point into consideration the bill would increase by some rate each and every month. If we will take an increase of the bill of 50 rupees every month it will not go above 2000 rupees and still, 2000 rupees is the maximum bill I am talking about.  

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There is also one more point government should take into consideration that the people who did not pay the bills of March, April and May their bills also came around 3000 rupees to 4000 rupees. Here is the point to be noted down. For the almost same use, the bill came around 3000 rupees to 4000 rupees for 4 months and which is the perfect amount of bill. According to the calculation the electricity providers have given the number of units in the bill of July month equal to the addition of units of 5 months in the year 2019.

So the question arrives did the government check the bill paid by people online in March, April, and May? If the answer is yes then they should give proof of that and if no they should reduce the light bill of people and if they are not ready to reduce the light bill of people the government should take strict action against the electricity provider.

So whoever reading this blog note down your comment down there and also share it with your neighbors and spread this message as much as possible such that government will take quick action on these things.

Thanks & Regards,

News Sect


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