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Thursday, January 12, 2023

How to check Tanla Platform Buyback Allotment Status

Tanla platforms is a cloud communication provider is a service provider which helps business to communicate with their customers. Basically it provides a services so that the business can convey their message, updates, OTP and all other things also. 

Tanla Platforms Buyback Allotment Status :

Tanla platforms had open an offer for buyback in October month and at that time stock was trading at a price between 700 to 800 and the company was going to buyback at a price of 1200 which was almost at 40% to 50% premium. 

Tanla Platforms Buyback Details :

Offer open on - Dec 20, 2022
Offer Closes on - Jan 2, 2022
Record Date - Oct 25, 2022
Last date for receipt of Tender Forms - Jan 2, 2023
Finalization of Buyback Acceptance - Jan 10, 2023
Last date for settlement of bids - Jan 11, 2023
Last date for Extinguishment of shares - Jan 18, 2023.

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Tanla Platforms Buyback Ratio :

For Reserved category - 17 Equity share out of every 625 fully paid equity shares. 
For General category - 11 Equity share out of every 1169 fully paid equity shares. 

Tanla Platforms Price Chart :

Tanla share has given multibagger returns in a period of 2 to 3 years. The stock was trading at price less than 100 in the month of march of 2020 and from their stock has traded at a high price of 2100. Below is the all time chart for Tanla platforms. 

Tanla Platforms key Metrics :

Below are the key meteics for Tanla share. 

Tanla platforms ratings :

Analysts have suggested to buy this share and the analysis have 100% faith in company. 

Tanla platforms financial trend :

Tanla platforms are able to make growth in their profit on year on year basis. 

Tanla platforms sharholding pattern :

The total promoter holiding in share is 43.74% followed by almost 13% stake of foreign institutions. 

Below is the link to see buyback allotment status. 

Tanla Platforms Allotment Status Link. 

1. First you have to click on below link. 

Click to check allotment status. 

To see a full video click here.

2. Select Tanla in select company

3. Select which details you will be entering and then enter the same. 

4. Enter security code and then enter. You will see their allotment status. 

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