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Friday, February 18, 2022

Will Russian Army Invade Ukraine?

 Near the borders of Russia and Ukraine thousand of Russian troops, Tanks and Artillery are ready to to take any action. Tension are very high and peoples from Ukraine started to believe that War is coming. Thousands of soldiers and tanks from Russia are pushing toward Ukraine and to face this threat Ukraine government also trying to push Russians back with same power.

Russian Troops
The reason between this tension is relation between Putin and Nato. Nato is military alliance between few countries of Europe which was created at the beginning of cold war to prevent soviet union to invade Europe. When Putin came to power of Russia in 1999 nato had 19 members and now it has 30 out of which some of countries used to part of soviet unit. As per Putin Nato trying to take over Europe and countries which was controlled by Russia.

Russian Troops
Ukraine is the latest country which want to join nato and nato also ready to join alliance. Nato is now at doorstep of Russia and Putin want to stop them from getting in Russia. For many of the years Ukraine were belonged to Russia and for most of the time it was part of soviet unit too. In 19s Ukraine beome independent and Russia loose to keep it with them. 

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