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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Russia Ukraine War News live Updates- Latest - Trending

Russia Ukraine War News live-

The city of Bakhmut is on fire because of the Russian attack, and as days are passing fighting getting more intense. Russian army continuously attacking Ukraine with more intensity and more fiercely. Russian trying to move more into Ukraine by completely destroying Bakhmut.

Russia Ukraine War

Russia is deploying mercenaries and sending warplanes to capture the eastern city of Bakhmut. This will be the major prize for Moscow in more than six months opening the way to seas remaining centers in Donetsk. Ukrainian soldiers are not giving up, and they confirmed that ''they will hold on to war until the very last.'' 
Russia's President- Putin


Bakhmut city had over seventy thousand peoples leaving now because of the war only a few thousand remain. All buildings and houses are turned into ruins and no one can leave in such conditions where Russians are constantly attacking. Ukrainian soldiers are determined and risking everything to save themselves and fight back with Russians.

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