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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Indian Primier League Has Got New Sponsorship - News Sect


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Indian premier league 

News Sect :-

Whole world facing this pandemic (corona virus) which came from chaina, but after Russian health ministry declared that they have vaccine which is going to help fighting against Covid-19 (corona virus). After this news declared by Russian government  everyone started to feel safe and a lot of things started to start again like shopping malls and gym.

Major thing that every cricket fans are missing is Indian premier league which is going to start from 19 September 2020, after long time bcci decided the venue of Indian premier league which is United Arab Emirates. After Mahendra Singh dhoni and suresh rainas retirement from international cricket everyone is waiting to see dhoni and raina to play for there team and to win for team.
India, china ,soldiers
India china soldiers 
Recently India and Chaina faced little war on India chaina border because chienese soldiers tried to sneak onto Indian land. Even after meeting between India and Chaina chienese soldiers betrayed Indian soldiers and they kill bunch of Indian soldiers but Indian soldiers faced them and killed a lot more than soldiers killed by Chinese soldiers.

After this incident Indian government decided to boycott Chinese products and Indian government banned bunch of Chinese apps so now most important decision is to decide sponsor for Indian premier league. After boycotting chienese products bcci boycott vivo which is sponsor of Indian premier league and gave it to dream 11.
App, dream 11
A lot of Indian companies wanted to took sponsorship of Indian premier league and the companies who are trying to take sponsorship are Bygus, Tata, Patanjali, Dream 11, Amazon and much more, but bcci handled sponsorship of Indian premier league to dream 11.

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