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Monday, August 24, 2020

Discounts Of 100 Units On Bill And Also Discount On Bill By Government - News Sect

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News Sect :-

The government has increased the amount of light bill of July month. The bill of July month has been increased exponentially. The bill amount increased equal to almost 4 to 5 times of their regular bill. The common people was worried about the increased in the bill of July month. But there can be good news will come for the all common people. Government is taking decision to reduce the units by 100 units and also to apply reduce rate on the range of units. 

Almost all of the people paid their bill of months march, april, may and june on the time by the mode of online payment and few of the people did not pay the bill of all those 4 months but still in the month of july the bill came around 5000 to 6000 for all those who paid the bill and who did not pay the bill for those 4 months. So the question arrives the bill given in the month of July was right or was wrong. 

Maharashtra, Map, India State
Maharashtra Map

Due to exponentially increase in the amount of bill the people did not pay the bill of July month and here's the bill of August month came into the picture. But according to the records the bill of month August is right and it also matches with our normal bill. Due to unpaid bill of July month the bill of August month came by adding bill of both July and August month. So now it's again a big problem for all middle class people. 

Some of the people did not go to the job in the months of lockdown, to some of people company didn't call them to join and few of them are removed from the job by companies. So how can they pay the bill of 5000 rupees to 6000 rupees per month and also who lives in the rental house how they can pay the bills. All question were increasing because of which government is taking decision to reduce the 100 units on each bill.

Because of force from opponent parties Bhartiya Janta Party and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena the government took a meeting on this problem. The government conducted the meeting under control and president of doctor Raut. 

The officer from Maha vitran, Maha pareshan and Maha Janko were there in the meeting. Doctor Raut told to reduce minimum 100 units on each bill. Even if the doctor Raut told to reduce the 100 units on each bill, it is not possible to reduce the units until the Electricity Regularity Commission gives the permission to Maha Vitran to reduce the units. So the decision is not in Maha Vitran hands it is in hand of Electricity Regularity Commission. 

We got the information from the senior officer is as follows :- 

  1.  Reduction of 100 units in each bill.
  2.  After that discount of 50% upto units of 300.
  3.  After that discount of 25% upto units of 500.

So it's in your hand to spread information about government decision so that maximum people will come to know about this and government will order to the electricity providers to reduce the bill units.

Thanks & Regards,

News Sect

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