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Thursday, July 28, 2022

MonkeyPox cases increasing in US

As per the latest updates aside from Covid-19 monkeypox is started to spread all over the world, As per US president Joe Biden monkeypox will be not as risky and dangerous as covid-19 but people need to take care and need to be careful. As per the medical team, monkeypox can be spread by coming in touch with the patients. As per Joe Biden, we have already faced monkeypox in past and also have vaccines to take care of it.

Recently The US recorded more than thousands of monkeypox patients who were traveling along with one patient who was traveling from Nigeria to the US. Mainly symptoms of monkeypox are fever, chills, exhaustion, and muscle weakness. As per experts infection can develop after coming in contact with an infected person through broken skin, mucous membranes, etc.

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