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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Covid 19- Latest Updates

 News Sect- India reported new 14 thousand cases and more than 30 deaths, now total death caused by covid crossed a number of five laths in India. The recovery rate for India is 98 percent and the death record is way less than the recovery rate. From 15 June covid cases started to increase in rapid numbers in India and went up to 21 thousand on 22 July.

On 25 July Maharashtra recorded 785 covid cases and 6 deaths, and Tamil Nadu has nearly two thousand cases and around seven deaths. In worldwide measurements total of three lakh, eighty-seven thousand cases were found and around four hundred and ninety-eight death cases were recorded

The Indian government now started to give a free booster dose to all adults at vaccination centers. To prevent the increase in covid cases and deaths government decided to give free does.

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