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Friday, November 13, 2020

Current News Of Corona Virus In Bihar State - News Sect

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The India is facing the difficulties due to the pandemic of corona virus and it's been more than 8 months that we are still fighting with this virus.

Each and every state has suffered through this, more or less but yes each and every state has suffered. Still Bihar state does not stand in the list of more number of corona virus. Bihar is on the 11th number of the list of corona virus cases.

Corona Virus  Update In Bihar State
The total number of cases in Bihar are 2,24,524 till now. And yes the growth rate has been reduced in Bihar. Bihar government has done it successfully. On today's date that's on 13th of November in last 24 hours the new cases of corona found are 607 while new 5 deaths caused due to corona virus. By adding those 5 deaths the total number of deaths in Bihar are 1167 while the number of recovered people from this has crossed number of 2 lakhs already.

Corona Virus  Update In Bihar State
Few days ago the Bihar election completed successfully and again the BJP government won the election. Hope so everything was followed by the proper protection and rules. Such that it will not cause spreading of virus.

In the list of total number of virus cases Maharashtra is standing on the first number with total number of cases more than 17 lakhs. After Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are on the list with number of cases more than 8 lakhs. Everything has started in almost each and every state. If everyone follow the rules and regulations directed by central government we can come out this situation very quickly.

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