Tsunami After Quake 26 Killed And A Lot Of Injured In Turkey and Greece - News Sect - NEWSSECT

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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Tsunami After Quake 26 Killed And A Lot Of Injured In Turkey and Greece - News Sect

 News Sect:-

     During the corona, crisis the world faced a lot of problems including a bushfire, a cold war between India and China, and also a lot of people died because of the coronavirus(Covid-19). As per the latest report Turkey and Greece facing earthquakes with a lot of human and money loss. As per the report twenty, six people were killed and more than eight hundred people get injured after a massive earthquake struck the coast of Aegean on Friday.

Turkey, Greece

As per Richter's scale measurement, the earthquake level was 7.0 which results in a tsunami that causes flooding in the city of Turkey and caused big buildings to collapse. One ninety-six aftershocks have been felt with twenty-three aftershocks hitting over the magnitude of four-points zero on the victor scale. Search and rescue operations started to continue at seventeen sites and building collapsed in cities. City gets a lot of damage as the second wave hits the city and all people started to panic and started running out of the city.
The residents have been asked to stay out of the coastal area because there is might chance that the wave can hit again. A lot of countries came in front to help them out because the condition of Turkey and Greece after the earthquake is not good because they have lost a lot of people and still they are having trouble managing themselves. Turkey has more than three lakh corona cases with more than ten thousand deaths, it's very difficult for them to handle a situation like this because the coronavirus already destroyed the whole world. Let's hope they came back to normal as early as possible.

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