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Monday, September 14, 2020

Education Minister Talk About Final Year Exam On Facebook Live - News Sect

News Sect:-

In the final year, all students who have been waiting for education minister Uday Samant have gotten relief today because he came on live Facebook video chat at 9 p.m on the 13th of September.
He was going to come on a live video call on Facebook at 6 p.m. on 13th September but due to a discussion on Maratha's reservation, he came online at 9 p.m. 

Students giving exam, gujarat board exam, exams
Students Giving Exam
Many points need to be covered in final year exams and also many points were needed to declare to the final year students. As he came on live video call on Facebook all final year students were finally happy and very much thankful to chief minister Uday Samant.

In between the Maharashtra government was looking in different matters like Kangna and Riya's matter more seriously than the final year exam news.
On last to last Friday education minister Uday Samant came live on ABP Majha news channel and ensured that he will tell the things about exam pattern in a few hours, this things education minister Uday Samant said at around 4 p.m. So he should have come live at around 5 to 6 p.m. but he directly came live today. Almost after the week he came live and tell the things about final year students' exams.

Supreme Court, court, final year exams
Supreme Court
Important Points Covered in Today's Live Video:-

  1. The exams will be conducted in the cluster. For which the one college will work as a leader and 6 to 7 colleges will take exams under that college.
  2. The exams will be in an MCQ pattern.
  3. The exams will be from the house no need to leave your house.
  4. All colleges should provide question banks to the students as soon as possible.
  5. The KT exams will start on the 25th of September and the final year main subject exam will start from the 1st of October.
  6. College should take mock tests in the same pattern as a final exam.
  7. Exam should be as simple as possible such that students will not get into tension and stress.
  8. The result of final year exams should be announced by the 31st of October.
  9. Those who don't have an internet connection can give their exams in selected engineering colleges near their place.
  10. Remaining internal assessment tests college should take on their own.
  11. From 15 th of September to the 20 th of September viva exams should be taken by each college which also includes project presentations.
  12. There will not be practical exams, instead of them viva should be arranged.
These are the few points the education minister covered in today's live Facebook video chat. I hope these things would have given relief to all final year students and from now on they know how to do study and how to arrange everything. Students also said that they don't have books on that education minister Uday Samant said that there is no option than reading the books online and studying from only online material and also students can ask for notes from their teachers.
All these decisions are final and there would not be any changes in these decisions. But students are not happy with the decision of MCQ exams pattern because engineering students have never come crossed things like MCQ exams in their life in their final exams. It would be like gate exams for all final year students because that exam is an MCQ exam but yes difficulty of questions will not be like in the gate exams. Students were asking for assignment-based exams rather than the MCQ pattern but all universities decided to take the exams in the MCQ pattern.
So let's hope this would help all final year students for their exams and their future.

Thanks & Regards,
News Sect

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