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Sunday, September 20, 2020

21000+ Cases Found In Maharashtra In Last 24 Hours - News Sect

News Sect:-
Maharashtra has broken its record after noting down more than twenty-one thousand (21,000) cases in one day. No one might have even thought that such a day would come but yes the day has arrived and Maharashtra has found a total number of cases in one day equals twenty-one thousand six hundred fifty-six ( 21,656 ).
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Maharashtra Cases
The cases of coronavirus ( covid-19 ) have been increasing exponentially from last week not only in Maharashtra but all over India. But in all of the states in India, Maharashtra stands in the first place with a total number of covid-19 cases equal to 11,67,496. In just the last 11 days the total number of cases in India has been increased by 10 lakhs. India is already facing so much of problems. Threat from China, terrorist attack from Pakistan, minus GDP of India and in last battle between politician parties in India. The maximum number of cases of coronavirus ( covid-19 ) in Maharashtra was above 97,000 a few days before.
After Maharashtra Andhra Pradesh is standing on the second number with a total number of cases of more than 6 lakhs and followed by Tamil Nadu with total cases more than 5 lakhs. But their rate of spreading and finding corona positive is very less as compared to Maharashtra coronavirus cases and to stop the spread of the virus Maharashtra government declared a lockdown. All Maratha organizations started planning for rallies or morcha because of the cancellation of reservation because of which the Maharashtra government might have declared the lockdown. But after this decision, the Mumbai police should have been everywhere in Mumbai but no one was out there and people were also roaming everywhere.
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India Cases
For the increase in several cases in Maharashtra there are only two districts behind it. The first one is Pune district which has crossed a total number of cases of more than 2 lakhs and on the second number, there is Mumbai which will cross the number of 2 lakhs coronavirus cases in just a few days. If you will further research coronavirus cases in Maharashtra, they are now increasing in rural areas. Sangli, Kolhapur are on the red alert. 
You can imagine if things are spreading like air in rural areas then there will not be any full stop for Mumbai. Because Mumbai is with small area and includes slum areas. In slum areas, people are having public toilets and public baths. So tell me the ways how you can stop the spread of coronavirus cases. In Mumbai, people are avoiding going to the hospital because of the rumors of kidney stole. 
There has been a rumor spread in Mumbai. According to that doctor first declares the normal patient as a corona virus-positive and then kills him and takes out his kidney. But no one can prooved it till yet. So people don't get caught in those rumors and go to the hospitals if you are not feeling well and yes definitely if you will find such kind of things please let it come on the news, call the police, make a video of those doctors and hospital and share it on social media.
World Scenario:-
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World Cases
If you look at the numbers the cases have crossed the number of 3 crores all over the world and in that list the USA is standing on the first number followed by India and yes several deaths have crossed the number of 9.5 lakhs and will reach to the 10 lakhs soon. Hope everything would come to end as soon as possible and people will take a fresh and free breath.

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