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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Virat Can Only Play With Anushka's ball comment by SG and replied by Anushka - News Sect

News Sect :-

     One of the biggest news started to came from Indian premier league which is now live in United Arab Emirates. The day Indian premier league started every fan started to feel good because they are going to see something they liked the most but this Indian premier league going to start war between seniors and players who are currently playing? On first day the last year champion team defeat one if the biggest Indian premier league team.

Virat Kohli
On twenty fourth September 2020 the match got played between Bangalore and Punjab. Banglore played under captaincy of one if the best player of whole cricket industry but they easily got defeated by other team. In this match the captain of the Banglore team Virat kohli who is also captain of Indian team showed his worst performance of his whole career. He dropped two simple catches of one of the set batsmen and gave him chance to score more run. After this incident every single fan of cricket expecting best batting from Virat kohli but he also failed to show his class. This is the only incident happened on ground but the real war started at social media, everyone started to troll him because of his performance but more than this they started to troll his wife Anushka Sharma who is one of the biggest actor in bollywood. The craziest comment from biggest cricketer schoks everyone by commenting on performance of kohli.
Sunil Gavaskar
Sunil Gavaskar commented that Virat can only play with only ball which is bowling by anushka sharma. After this comment everyone started to troll virat kohli and anushka sharma, noone from them have taken any action regard this. No one knows are they going to take action against sunil gavaskar for his comment on virat and anushka. Virat is one of the beat player in field and everyone making him feel bad because all of them trolling him because everyone know he can play better than this and he is the classy batsman.

Next match is going to play against best team of the Indian premier league Mumbai Indians and is rcb us ready to take them down, are they ready to win against the team who already won the most numbers of trophies in the game, this team have that capacity to defeat every team but only bad side of this team is bowling side. They dont have bowlers who can stop run for team in death overs and also in powerplays. In between match against Punjab the best fast bowler of rcb dayle Steyn gave more than fourty in just four over and umesh yadav gand more than 35 runs in just three runs, so no one knows when they are going to show their class.
Bollywood, actor
Anushka Sharma
Anushka sharma posted on Instagram what she felt after she heard from sunil gavaskar and she said she dont want to see her dragged in the cricket and to compare her with performance of his husband. People should stop talking bad about Anushka sharma because she is not playing there and also they dont have to speak any thing bad about Virat kohli because he is the legend and he is one of the best player. People trying to pull Virat back instead of cheering him at his loss and giving him confidence for his new matches.

Royal challengers Banglore havent got chance to win matches because of there bad performances. On one of the match rcb bowling get good but on other day their bowling gets really bad, there worst batting status until now is all out at fourty nine against KKR in 2007, we wish they can play good game in upcoming matches and one day they will win Indian premier league for there fans.

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