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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Dixon Technology Stock Market Share Complete Analysis - News Sect

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News Sect:-
     In the late '90s if you remember we used to watch movies on VCR. Dixon Technology started with the same technology of VCR and CTV and then they tied up with the Global Consumer Electronics Giants and Dixon Technology said that they will manufacture the things on behalf of you. Then Dixon Technology built their first plant in Noida and give a name to the plant as Prescriptive EMS operations. So the Dixon is an Electronic Manufacturing Services company. So another company gives their details, specifications, and their intellectual product to Dixon Technology to manufacture. After that Dixon Technology started building up their own product which was called OEM ( Original Design Model ). So the IPs of that product are of their own.
After that in the year 2000, they started manufacturing DVDs, CFL Bulbs, and STBs. After that, they started sheet metal and plastic molding. Then they started assembly of Mobile Phones, LCD/LEDs, CCTVs, and manufacturing of washing machines, LED lights, and security cameras.
Revenue of this Dixon company most generates from the consumer electronics source which is 40% of complete revenue after that 30.8% from the lighting solution and so on. In consumer electronics, the main focus of the Dixon company is on the manufacturing of tvs. Their main customer is Xiaomi and if you look at the market captured the percentage of Xiaomi TVs is more than 39%.  After that 15% of LG, 14% of Sony, and 12% of Samsung. 

Brands Dixon Serves:-
Lighting:-                     Panasonic
LED TV:-                       Xiaomi
Mobile Phones:-          Samsung
Washing Machines:-   Samsung

Stock Market:-
Today that is on the 25th of August 2020 market moves 1.15% up. In one year Dixon Technology has given a return of 239.59 % and
180.95% in a 5 year. So just imagine double of your portfolio In just a year. Today it made a low of rupees 8146.65 and a high of 8262.40 rupees. This is a multi-bagger stock ao don't even miss a single opportunity to invest in Dixon Technology. 

Stock Bull, Stock, Bull, Bullish
Stock Bull

Intrinsic Value:-
The intrinsic value of Dixon Technology is less than its current value so there are chances of reduction of its price in the future. 

Return Vs FD Rates:-
If you had invested in a fixed deposit you would have never made a profit of 200%, you could be able to generate only 5 to 6% of your investment. So Dixon Technology is definitely giving more returns than the Fixed Deposit.

Dividend Yield:-
Dixon's dividend yield is very less which is around 0.05% only.

Entry point:-
As the stock is not in the oversold zone as well as not in the overbought zone so you can buy the stock at the current price.

As the Sector PE of Dixon Technology is 67.10 and the Stock PE ratio is 76.98. Yes, the stock PE is more than its sector PE but there is not a huge difference in both PEs. 

Financial Trend:-

Stock Market, Share Market Chart
Share Market

The year 2017
Revenue:- 2.46 thousand cr
Profit:-       0.05 thousand cr

The year 2018
Revenue:- 2.85 thousand cr
Profit:-       0.05 thousand cr

The year 2019
Revenue:- 2.99 thousand cr
Profit:-       0.06 thousand cr

The year 2020
Revenue:- 4.41 thousand cr
Profit:-       0.12 thousand cr

As you can see its financial trend is increasing linearly. Even in a pandemic, it gives better results and there is a reason behind it because people started buying phones, televisions and washing machines, etc. So even in the pandemic of covid-19, the stock gave better results.

Shareholding Pattern:-
All the holding parties have an almost equal percentage of the stock.
Total Promoters Holding:- Promoters have held the 36.11% of the stock.

Mutual Fund Holding:- 20.99% of the stocks the mutual funds have which is a good thing.

Domestic Institutional Holding:- There is 21.94% holding of Domestic Institutional Holding.

Foreign Institutional Holding:- The business is definitely versatile so foreign institutions also have held stock which is 12.27%.

Other Parties:- In the last other parties have to hold 29.68 % of the stock.
All above data are recorded in June 2020.
RSI:- 70.16
M FLOW:- 57.65
MACD:- In monthly data the MACD shows a completely strong bullish movement.

When To Buy:- The current price of the stock is 8218 rupees and it is continuously moving above its 20 days moving average. You can wait for a few days to come to this share down and I would chat with you to buy this stock at a share price of 7700 rupees.

Thanks & Regards,

News Sect

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