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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Decision On Final Year Exam Is Postponed - News Sect


Supreme Court

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The final year engineering students have been waiting from month of July for cancellations of exams. There was only a happiest day in the life of engineers and that was 19th of June 2020 when chief minister Uddhav Thakrey and higher technical education minister Uday Samant cancelled the final year exams. 

The decision on final year exams was about to declared today that is on 26th of August 2020 but the verdict about the final year exams have been forwarded to the tomorrow's date that is on 27th of August 2020. This is been 4th time the decision about final year exam has been passed to the another date. Let's hope for good tomorrow and supreme court should take the decision tomorrow only so that student can think about what to do. If the supreme court would take decision on final year tomorrow then students of final year will atleast start studying or either stop studying. They will use their time to do some extra work and will gain some extra knowledge other than their core field like mechanical engineering student will learn coding and also other branch students will also learn some new thing, they will improve themselves rather than doing donkey work. Hope so government and supreme court would consider about the current situation of covid 19 and then only they will take the decision about the final year exams. 

In total number of corona virus cases Maharashtra state is standing on the first number with number of corona virus cases more than 7 lakhs cases and still ugc have to conduct the final year exam. They should look for all condition and also if they have proper guidance and proper system to conduct the exam then only they should look for final year exams. India has crossed number of more than 32 lakhs cases and still number of corona virus cases are increasing exponentially. 

This exam verdict have restricted the offer later from the placed companies. Companies are waiting for supreme court decision and them only they are gonna give offer later to the placed students.

When exam were cancelled every one was happy but after that UGC raised a question on the decision of higher technical education minister Uday Samant for cancellation of final year exam. After that 431 universities response positively to conduct the final year exam and then the decision went into the supreme court. Yuva Sena Aaditya Thackeray moved to the supreme court to take the safe and acceptable decision on final year exams. 

Students, Exam

After that Dhananjay Kulkarni stood up and raised a question on state decision. He said the state have no rights to cancel the exams of state and AICTE gave the instructions to how to conduct final year exams safely.  

On 31st of August supreme court said that the final year student should start their study but did not give assure decision on cancellation or conduction of final year exams. Then on 10th of August supreme court said according to law if you are not giving exams you will not get a degree student should start preparing. Then decision on final year exams forwarded to the 24th of August. On 24th of August hearing about final year exams again forwarded to the 26 th of August. As we all know we have to wait for today's hearing about exams cancellation.

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