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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

ITC Limited Just 190 Rs. Stock Market Share Complete Analysis - News Sect

Itc, Indian Tobacco Company
News Sect:-

The versatile business with its versatile products is what ITC is. ITC has got a large range of products and all are well-known products. If you don't know the full form is Indian Tobacco Company. Yes ITC started their business with Tobacco and now they are in almost every business.
The Indian Tobacco Company was started in the 1910s. It does not come into the market with the same name its name was Imperial Tobacco Company. They started their business with a cigarette factory in Bangalore in 1913 and then slowly they entered into a different business. Then they started the packaging and printing business later. Then in 1975, they enter the hospitality sector. Then In 1994, they entered into the hotel business. Indian Tobacco Company has got a wide range and portfolio of products. Indian Tobacco Company has their business in so many sectors from hotels to agriculture and from cigarette to stationeries. The notebook you are using of classmates is made by Indian Tobacco Company only, yes that is true and if you know they are earning profit more than 1400 cr just from classmates notebook. They are earning more than 4500 cr. profit from Aashirvaad only followed by Sunfeast and bingo with a net profit of 3800 cr. and 2500 cr. respectively.

Itc, Cempaka Mas

ITC Brands :- Aashirvaad Brand
                             Aashirvaad Atta
                             Sugar release control Atta
                             Atta with Multigrains
                             Select Atta
                             Fortified Atta
                             Nature's Super Food
                             Aashirvaad Salt
                             Aashirvaad Ghee
                             Chilli Powder
                             Rava Idli
                             Rice idli
                             Gulab Jamun
                             Rice Dosa
                      :- Sunfeast Brand
                            Snacky Something Else
                            Snacky Masala Twist
                            Snacky sweet and salt
                            Snacky simply salted
                            Bounce Minis
                            Hi-Fi Cookies
                            Marie Light
                            Bounce Creme Biscuits
                            Bounce Dream Cream
                            Dark Fantasy Bourbon
                            Mom's Magic
                            Mom's Magic Rich Butter
                            Mom's Magic fruit and milk
                            Mom's Magic Chocolate Chip
                            Dark Fantasy Choco Fills
                            Farmalite Digestive all good
                            Milk Biscuits
                      :- Bingo
                            Starters Peppery
                            Starters Minty
                            Starters Chatpata
                            Starters Masala
                            Potato Chips
                            Mad Angles
                            The Media
                            No Rulz
                      :- Yippee
                            Quick Mealz
                      :- natural
                            Watermelon flavor
                            Pomegranate flavor
                            Mixed Fruit
                            Cloudy Apple
                            Masala Jamun
                     :- Minto
                     :- Candyman

                           Choco Double
                           Clear Candy
                     :- Gum-On
                     :- Fabelle
                     :- Sunbean
                     :- Wonderz Milk
                     :- Master Chef
                     :- Farmland
                     :- Essenza De Wills
                     :- Fiama
                     :- Vivel
                     :- Engage
                     :- Superia
                     :- Nim wash
                     :- Savlon
                     :- Classmates
                     :- Papercraft

Stock Market:-
As the stock market is volatile the stock is moving within a range from 190 to 200. 200 is becoming a strong resistance.

Intrinsic Value:- There could not be a better Intrinsic value than this stock so this is a good stock to buy.

Returns vs FD:- There is no doubt about that, the stock market always gives you a better return than keeping it in a fixed deposit. Never stuck your money in the fixed deposit. Invest in good stocks like ITC and get returns more than a fixed deposit.

Dividend Returns:- This is the best thing about ITC shares because it provides the best dividend which is 5% and equal to 10 rupees.

Entry Point:- This is the best time to enter into this stock because the stock is moving is in consolidation zone and definitely stock is not gonna fall below from here.

Red Flags:- As everything is good about this stock and here is one more thing that there are no red flags on the company.

Financial Trend:-
The ITC limited is continuously in profit and in 2020 company has earn profit of 15.31 thousand crore profit in the current year 2020.
The year 2017
Revenue:- 44.54 Thousand Cr.
Profit:- 10.29 Thousand Cr.

The year 2018
Revenue:- 45.70 Thousand Cr.
Profit:- 11.27 Thousand Cr.

The year 2019
Revenue:- 50.54 Thousand Cr.
Profit:- 12.59 Thousand Cr.

The year 2020
Revenue:- 52.01 Thousand Cr.
Profit:- 15.31  Thousand Cr.

Stock Bull, Share Market
Stock Bull
Shareholding Pattern:-

Total Promoters Holding:- As the total promoters holding does not change for years.

Mutual Fund Holding:- Mutual fund holds almost 10% of complete stocks.

Domestic Institutional Holding:- Complete 42.09 % stocks hold by Domestic holding.

Foreign Institutional Holding:- Foreigners hold more than 14% of the stake and which is a really good thing.

RSI:- 45.66
M Flow:- 54.76
MACD:- Bearish Movement

When To Buy:- As the stock is falling down for a few days so you can use on dips strategy. As the stock has crossed it's both 20 days and 50-day moving average. So there is more bullish movement can be seen in upcoming days. 190 is strong resistance to the stock so you can buy by doing your own research around that price.

Thanks & Regards,

News Sect

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