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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Russia Develops First Covid-19 Vaccine - News Sect


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News Sect:-
This world facing the terror of coronavirus (covid- 19) from the past few months many countries developed a vaccine for the cure of this virus.  None of them were able to show positive results but now Russia claimed that they have a vaccine for this virus and the world health organization granted permission for this vaccine.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin today announced that they have successfully developed a vaccine on the coronavirus (Covid-19) and also he said that the Russian health ministry approved the world first successfully tested coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine. 
. This vaccine was developed by Moscow's Himalaya institute. Russian health ministry gives the green light for this vaccine on Tuesday. The Russian government hopes that they soon start the mass production of the coronavirus vaccine.

The global medical fraternity still has some questions and they said that Russia still has to bypass the third phase where we test this vaccine on humans basically questions which are rasing now are Russia still don't know what are the side effects and how they are going to affect people. On 20-21 January a lot of people going to take a shot of this vaccine the question is no one knows but is there any side effect of this vaccine.

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 The mantra which is Narendra Modi wants to follow is all people who came in contact with infected people have to be tested within 72 hours. 80 percent of patients are counting in 10 states if we controlled these states then we will control all over numbers of patients.

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