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Saturday, August 8, 2020

14 People Died And 57 Still Missing In Landslide Of Kerla - News Sect


Kerla, landslide
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India already facing Covid-19 pandemic and recently it crossed twenty lakh cases, Mumbai is facing heavy rainfall from day befire yesterday a lot of water went into peoples house but kerla facing worse situation than any of this.

Kerla have 31700 case which causing a bunch of problems but including this kerla is suffering from flood also. Idukki is a place in kerla faced landslide and as per report at least 14 people are died and 57 are still missing under all that mud. The people who are suffering from this situation are tea plantation workers.

Mountain slide
A river took all of mud and debris within it and washed over line of settelments. According to reports a total of twelve number of people found or rescued from the river of mud and debris but they havent found fifty seven of workers who suffered this landslide.

The only reason for this landslide is heavry rainfall in this area which is reported in Nayamakad estate in Devikulam Taluka. Settelments means people leave together as group and as per news at least 30 settelments are get buried under this debris and a lot of mud in wich nearly seventy eight peoples are resided before something bad happen.

River, flood
Rescue operation were immediately started as people knowed about this landslide and this operation started by the police, fire force and NDRF. The place where this land slide happen is placed in the remote area, they have broken power lines, heavy fog and uninterrupted  rainfall which causes lot of problem to relife operation at site.

Prime minister narendra modi tweeted and prayed for the people who suffered this landslide lets hope they will get healthy as early as possible.

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