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Saturday, August 1, 2020

57,000+ Cases Found In India In Last 24 Hours. Highest Cases Are Not In Maharashtra - News Sect

Covid-19, Corona Virus
News Sect -
India has been under lockdown since more than 3 months till now everyone's expectations has been destroyed and not a single news of positive things. Everything has started again that's why people can't see actually what is going on and how it is gonna impcat on each of us. 

The everyone has been suffering from a Corona virus  and yet cure for this disease not yet found. The China who was the reason for all these is now doing well, everything has started in China from school to the offices and all industries, everything is on the track again but the world is still suffering because of this pandemic.
Death Map, India, Death, Death Map Of India
Death Map
If we look at the numbers of corona virus cases in India has been increasing exponentially from thousands ( 1000 ) to the fifty thousands ( 50,000 ). India just crossed number of fifty thousand corona virus cases in back to back three days. 
In last 24 hours 57,118 corona virus cases found in India. Its really a terrifying number and out of our imagination but yes it is true.
Hope so everything will come in on track in upcoming days. But if we will look at the numbers of corona virus cases in India, they are increasing. If we will look at numbers of corona virus cases for kase 3 days those are 52,133 , 55,078 and 57,118. When it is gonna end? No one knows it. 
If we will look at yesterday number the Andhra Pradesh stands in first number to build this number. After Andhra Pradesh the second number goes to Maharashtra. In Andhra Pradesh 10,376 cases were found in last 24 hours and followed by 10,320 cases in Maharashtra. Just 56 numbers less than Andhra Pradesh. Till now Maharashtra was on top of the list continuously and reason for this still difficult to find. 

Mask, Protection
Everyone followed the lockdown rules not that much perfect but still everyone did their best to avoid spread of corona virus. From today new lockdown rules has been established and more things are gonna start in upcoming days. If we look at state wise distribution of corona virus cases Maharashtra stands in first number with total number of cases of four lakh twenty two thousand one hundred eighteen ( 422118 ). Maharashtra will reach to the 5 lakh cases in upcoming days if number of corona virus cases will increase the way it is increasing. From all cases active cases are about one lakh fifty thousand nine hundred sixty six ( 150966 ) and recovered cases number is two lakh fifty six thousand one hundred fifty eight ( 256158 ) and the people deceased because of corona virus ( Covid- 19 ) are very close to number of fifteen thousand ( 15,000 ). Current deceased number in Maharashtra are around fourteen thousand nine hundred ninety four ( 14,994 ). 
There are news coming out of fake corona virus cases. Government is giving 1 to 1.5 lakh rupees behind each and every patient to the hospital or to the quarantine center. That's why to earn money hospitals and quarantine center are giving fake number of corona virus cases. They are declaring the person as a patient of corona virus infected. 
Quarantine, Centers, Quarantine Centers, India
Quarantine Centers
So there is one question arises, Does really the number of corona virus cases we are seeing all over news paper, news channel and also on Aarogya Setup App are real ? Does they have corona? Or Does really number of corona virus is increasing? Are still mysteries to the government. Major cities are mostly infected due to corona virus like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi. 
There are so many questions arising on the government about lockdown. 
Some of them are saying the lockdown started too early while some of them are saying that lockdown started too late and also almost each of us saying that the lockdown should not be taken out while the number of corona cases were increasing. How long this is going to be? India population is about 125 crore and if the spread of corona virus could not stop, can you think how much days it will go on and how many people will get infected. 
There is no limit to these it will spread exponentially until and unless we are taking precautions and also the fake corona cases are should stop. The scam which is going on about fake cases should stop and then only this number of total corona cases will reduce and everything will become on the track again.

If you are staying home that's a good thing but if you are going to the job outside everyday then don't be afraid but just take care of yourself.

Thanks & Regards,
News Sect

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