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Monday, August 3, 2020

Corona Vaccine Completed All Trials, These People To Be Vaccinated First - News Sect

Corona vaccine, Covid-19, vaccine
Covid-19 Vaccine
News Sect :-
It's been more than six month the corona virus (covid-19) has started in china and now it has spread all over the world. Amongs all few countries and some health organizations tried to find out cure on corona virus but no one was able to proved perfect result from vaccine.

Russia has completed all triles on corona vaccine and now they're gonna try this vaccine on few people. Russia told that there are going to try this vaccine on teachers and doctors first and they are going to do the test on doctors and teachers by the end of this month that is August. Russian health minister justified this in report.

The Gamaleya institute of epidemiology and microbiology completed their Corona vaccine trials and this thing also reported by the Russian health minister and paper work for this trial of corona vaccine made by the Gamaleya institute of epidemiology and microbiology as well as the state research facility has been progressed to make registration of it.
Russian Map, Map
Russia Map

The Gamaleya institute of epidemiology and microbiology has completed all corona vaccine trials as per told by Murashko yo the reporters. In news conference he gave answers to the all questions of the reporters. The questions were related to if the official clinical trials of corona vaccine (covid-19) have completed or not?

He also claimed that for the upcoming October month the country is making mass production of corona virus vaccination to fight against Corona virus. The Russian minister Mikhail Mishustin claimed that corona vaccine which is produced have tried on few people. The several people are undergoing in trials of corona vaccine and as per the information the results they are getting from trial of new corona vaccine produce by Russian health organization showing positive and promising results and if this promises are true, the vaccine produce by the Russian health organization is going to be first effective corona (covid-19) vaccine which can be use on common people.

Covid-19, Corona virus, Virus
We have been suffering from almost 8 months due to corona virus which is also called as Covid-19. No one even knows how much days or months will it take to come to the eight months back situation and everyone will live their life the way they have lived and enjoyed in park, in beaches and much more. The total number of cases counted up to 18,118,726 in the world and if things will go as they are going it is, it will touch a number of 2 crore soon, i hope everything happen good for everyone but you cannot run away from the truth.
If you will look at the total number of cases of corona virus ( covid-19 ) in all over the world the United State of America standing on the first num ber with so much number ahead of Brazil which is standing on second number with total number of cases equals to twenty seven lakh eight thousand eight hundred seventy six ( 2,708,876 ) while the total number of corona virus cases in United State of America are around forty seven lakh eighty one thousand nine hundred thirty nine ( 4,781,939 ).
The third number goes to India with total number of cases equals to Seventeen lakh ninety six thousands four hundred eighty six (1,796,486 ) and the Russia which is promising successful checking of corona virus ( covid-19 ) is standing on the list of corona virus cases at the fourth place and yes if Russia will fulfill the whole world demand then yes the country Russia is gonna be hero.
Map, World death map
World Death Map 
According to total population the total number of death to the population of country ratio is less in India. India's total population is
1,381,159,795 and if comparison with the total number of deaths are equal to thirty eight thousand sixty three ( 38,063 ).
In Russia the number of cases are not increasing exponentially now but while the starting of corona virus the Russia was moving very fast and number of corona cases were found in large numbers and now it has reduced. In India the number of corona virus infected was less but in recent days it is increasing exponentially and number of corona virus cases increasing in a day are more than fifty thousand ( 50,000 ).
The successful testing of Corona virus vaccine will definitely result in reduction of corona cases and the whole world will take free breath. Everyone should pray to the god to make all this thing right and let the corona vaccine be successful.

Thanks & Regards,
News Sect

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