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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Dombivali Rape Case :- 15 year old raped by 33 monsters

 Mumbai's' city of dreams' now becoming a city of crimes. After back-to-back, one more incident happened in Dombivali. 

If you are in love with someone, please choose your partner wisely because he can make you suffer a lot. In dombivali a 15 years old girl got raped by 30 boys for almost 8 months.

A 15-year-old girl was in love with one boy and they were in a relationship. Once he recorded their video and started blackmailing her. So he used that video as a weapon against her.

He pushed her to have sex with his friends by blackmailing her. All those boys raped her for 8 months.

People will hear this people will read this, they will post it on media for a week and they will all forget after some time. Who's fault is this? Is this girl's fault that she trusted that boy or is this the parent's fault who giving birth to a child like this.

Maharashtra government should take strict action against all of them. People are asking to hang them or cut off their private parts. But is this kind of punishment really gonna take place? If yes then the government needs to change laws against the rapist.

In the end, the girls suffer and the rapist gets punishment after 10 years. If this really has to change everyone has to raise their voices against the rapists and stop these kinda things from happening in the future.

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