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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Local Trains To Start For Everyone ? Maharashtra Government Have No Objection - News Sect

News Sect:-                                                                                The lifeline of Mumbai can be started from the 15th of October for all general public under certain terms and conditions. "There is no problem in giving entry in local train for all general people if they are using mask and sanitizer," said by Maharashtra state government to the high court.

News sect, Mumbai Local
Local Train
For Mumbai local train is the lifeline of all Mumbai people. A total of 7.5 million commuters travel by local train. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, local trains were not running.. 

When everything started in Mumbai there was no other option than to take the BEST bus to travel to their destination. So it was causing a rush of people inside the BEST bus. In BEST bus conductor had control over the number of people in the bus but in the local train can it be controlled? 

This is the time when the local train in Mumbai cannot be started but there is no other option than this. The BEST bus is not taking a few bus stops to avoid the rush of people on the bus. Now everyone is traveling by the BEST bus so the BEST department has taken the MSRTC buses for daily routine.

All people who are not getting a chance to catch the bus are either taking rickshaws or booking ola cabs and those who have their own car they are going by it which is increasing the traffic on road. So it is necessary to give permission to the general people to use the train. But there should be some rules for it. 

News Sect, Bus

  • People should use masks continuously with sanitizing themselves again and again. 
  • Social distancing should be maintained. 
  • Fixed number of people in each compartment. 
  • There must be someone in each compartment to restrict the people from taking the train if the train is full. 

News Sect, Train coaches
These all rules to be followed by all general people then only the local train can be started in Mumbai from the mid of October.

But still, the question arises that if local trains will be started in Mumbai can the crowd people will be controlled. There are so many questions like this need to be looked at them. Then only the high court will give a decision on them. Till then travel by BEST bus and by private vehicles.

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