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Monday, October 12, 2020

Power Cut In Several Areas In Mumbai Due To Grid Failure - News Sect

News Sect :-                                                  The Mumbai is suffering from a lot of problem because of Covid-19 (corona virus) but today date twelve October 2020 Mumbai also suffered power cut in several areas because of grid failure. Light went out at 10 Am and no one knows how many hours or how many days it needs to get back at normal level. This news is confirmed from BEST spokes person. This supply gest interrupted only because of TATAS incoming supply failure.

Power failure, electricity
Tata Power
It's been very hot in incoming days in mumbai and now a lot of areas facing power failure problem. Local train also gets interrupted because of this issue, without local none of the work is going to happene. As per reports no one confirmed yet how much time they going to need to control this situation, but maharashtra government going to try to recover this situation as early as possible.

Electricity, grid failure
BEST Power
Central railway, western railway and also BEST tweeted about this situation and all of them said it is Tata power issue because of the failure of them this happened and as per latest updated it needs 45 minutes to one hour to resolve this situation

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