People Boycotting Mirzapur Season 2 because of Ali Fazal and Farhan Akhtar :- News Sect - NEWSSECT

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

People Boycotting Mirzapur Season 2 because of Ali Fazal and Farhan Akhtar :- News Sect

News Sect:-

One of the most awaited web series trailers is released a few days before. People were waiting for months to watch the Mirzapur season 2 but yes side to side people were angry just because of a tweet from Ali Fazal who is the cast from the Mirzapur series and also Mirzapur co-producer Farhan Akthar took part in Anti CAA protests.

Farhan Akhtar, News Sect, CAA Protest
Farhan Akhtar
It was 2018 when the first season of the Mirzapur series was released. That season 1 made the series one of the most liked and favorite series among the youngsters. The Mirzapur series is a completely action-based series that includes the fight between the gangs to gain reign over the Mirzapur. All cast were liked by the audience and very well entertained by the audience. 

In December of 2019 Mirzapur series cast famous Ali Fazal tweeted a tweet which was against the CAA and NRC. The tweet made by him was this " PROTESTS: Suru Majboori Me Kiye They, Ab Maja Aa Raha hai "

Ali Fazal, News Sect, CAA Protest, NRC
Ali Fazal
After this tweet the environment went hot and everyone decided not to watch the Mirzapur season 2. The intention behind this tweet was difficult to guess but whatever he said in his tweet was against the CAA, which brought storm among people, and from that day people started posting and making tweets about boycotting the Mirzapur season 2. 

This thing happened in December 2019 and today's date is October 2020. Almost one month completed this scene but the people have not forgotten the things. Just after the release of the Mirzapur season, 2 people started re-tweeting about boycotting Mirzapur. Also, the Mirzapur co-producer Farhan Akthar was part of the protest against the CAA. So people are boycotting the Mirzapur web series.

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