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Friday, September 4, 2020

118 Apps Including PUBG Banned In India - News Sect

News Sect:-

     The number one trending in India is the Indian government banned 118 apps along with Players unknows battleground. The pub craze is already at the highest level in India since pubg available on the play store but this craze is about to end because the government banned this game in India. Youngers' favorite game is going to be banned and no one knows how everyone going to react after its ban.

Few months ago Chinese soldiers tried to sneak into Indian borders but Indian soldiers keep them at the border and save a lot of people. They had fought on the border with Chinese soldiers one on one and after this fight, India, and China decided to close this war peacefully, all seniors had a meeting where they decided not to fight with each other and Chinese soldiers decided not to sneak in again in Indian borders.

After some days of Chinese soldiers sneaking into Indian borders, they betrayed Indian soldiers and again Chinese soldiers sneaked in Indian borders, but this time they crossed the limit and bring all firing materials with them. All of their soldiers bring dangerous weapons to defeat Indian soldiers and they successfully entered our borders and started the war.

India and china
India China war
In this war between India and China Chinese soldiers killed a bunch of Indian soldiers but in backfiring Indian soldiers killed many more Chinese soldiers, they killed more than forty soldiers of China and defeated them in war. This was the most dangerous fight between India and China till now. After this fight, both countries decided to keep the peace between them. But a few days before Chinese soldiers again tried to cross Indian borders but this time Indian soldiers kicked them out without any health damage to any of the soldiers. 

The moment when the second-time Chinese soldiers killed Indian soldiers Indian government decided to boycott Chinese products and to ban a lot of Chinese apps in India. Indian government started with most of the people's favorite app TikTok. People used this app to make videos but a lot of people used to make videos that are not accepted by people they started to abuse animals and themselves in these videos and this is one of the best decisions made by the government.
game but but
But now the app which helps china to earn a lot of money that no one ever imagined, the app which is wasting a lot of youngsters' life, the app which already affected students' minds is finally going to ban in India. Out of all downloads of that game, twenty-four percent of users are from India so everyone can imagine how this game took mind control. In this game you can play with hundreds of live players, you can talk with them, you can kill a lot of players in this game, and so on.
The ban on this game going to affect a lot of streamers who started to earn a lot of money from this game recently Indian squad wins one of the best tournaments of this game and defeated foreigners and made India feel proud. But now no one knows how they are going to earn, how they are going to build themselves which games they are going to play after this game. One of the best apps of China which a lot of Indian people used is cam camscanner. This app helped everyone to make pdf of important documents and to store everything they can.

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