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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

India And China Faced Again At Border - News Sect

News Sect:-

     The most heated situation going on in this world is the fight between India and China. The Covid-19 coronavirus comes from china and the moment this virus came out from china it started to be destroyed and started to affect the whole world even after that china doesn't want to accept their fault and they do not accept that this situation world facing now is caused by them.

India, China
Few months before Chinese soldiers try to sneak into India and they got defeated by Indian soldiers but no one ever knows that this fight is going to lead to some serious situation. After some days India and China made a deal between them bot to cross anyone's border but even after this deal was made between governments Chinese soldiers betrayed Indian soldiers and they started the war.
During India China war which is happened on the border, Chinese soldiers started firing at Indian soldiers and they killed a lot of Indian soldiers but in backfiring Indian soldiers killed more than forty soldiers of China, even after this brawl between India and China they don't want to accept there fault and they still trying to enter in Indian borders.
Boycott Chinese
As per reports one of the senior of our soldiers told us that a secret source already told them, gave details about this sneaking so Indian soldiers were ready to face any situation, any problem which is going to cause by Chinese soldiers. None of the soldiers died in this brawl because Inadial soldiers try to calm this situation. After all, the situation this world facing now is so brutal and no one wants any health damage to anyone.
As per reports, Chinese soldiers tried to sneak in with 500 of their soldiers, after this incident Srinagar Leha's road was blocked for everyone, only people with emergencies and troops can travel through that road. Before this incident happened on 29 August 2020 Chinese government bring some of their fighting jets to the border no one knows what they want to try on borders but this action from China going to start something worse than anyone ever imagined.
Few months before when India had clashed with China Indian government banned a bunch of their apps to boycott them. It includes a shared, TikTok, a cam scanner, and many more. This action was taken by the Indian government and definitely, affected the financial economy of China because more than half of the users of TikTok are from Indian and Indian people informally helped China to make a lot of money.
After this incident, various discussions started to happen between top management of Indian and everyone wants safety from Chinese troops. The Indian government and all people also don't want to lose more of their soldiers because they fight for the safety of Indian people and the countryside like Pakistan and China is targeting India even after India defeated this country in small brawls.
Recently China and Pakistan also planned to talk with each other this is might there their plan to distract Indian soldiers and to play something bad that no one is ready for and India will suffer a lot after that. Until now Indian government hasn't decided what action they are going to take on this issue and they are going to control this situation but soon they will take action on this and the Indian government close this matter forever.
There was a deal that happened between reliance and future enterprise this Saturday at night, in this deal reliance buy future enterprise for more than twenty-seven thousand crores after this deal trading at Monday morning started to rise very rapidly but the moment when the news between India and China released it started to go in the downward direction it remains there for the whole day.

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