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Friday, August 28, 2020

Chennai Super Kings Players Found Corona Positive Along With Twelve Staff Members - News Sect

 News Sect:-

     Cricket lovers from all over the world always wait for one of the biggest cricket premier leagues which is the Indian premier league and this waiting is about to finish on 19 September 2020 but extremely bad news just hit every cricket fan. All Indian premier league started to travel to the United Arab Emirates from India with a lot of awareness but it seems that this awareness is not enough to protect players from the pandemics.

Indian Premier League
All Indian premier league teams decided to stay in quarantine for 6 days but before that one of the biggest teams of the Indian premier league had to face consequences which are going to happen after this incident. Three times champion Chennai Superkings player tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19) along with 12 supportive staff members.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is hitting all over the world since it started in China, in Present time the USA had the most numbers of Covid-19 patients along with the USA, Brasil is at no two, India is following Brazil at the third number as everything started to happen as planned and every sports match started to play, recently India announced match date for Indian premier league and after some days one bad news hit everyone.
UAE Stadium
The reason behind the Indian premier league held in the United Arab Emirates is the increasing numbers of Covid-19 patients day by day in India. For sure Indian government arranged perfect traveling for Indian players who are going to play for the Indian premier league in the United Arab Emirates but one of the non-Indian players of Chennai super kings have to face covid-19 and also twelve supportive staff members have to went through the process to defeat coronavirus.

All teams which are reached there are already started practice sessions after staying quarantine for more than six days but now after Chennai found one of their players Covid-19 positive they decided to stay in quarantine for seven more days. Chennai super kings haven't declared yet which of their players tested positive for the coronavirus but let's hope everything goes well without any health injury to anyone. 
UAE Stadium
After Suresh Raina and Mahendra Singh dhoni decided to say goodbye to international cricket every cricket fan wants to see them at the Indian premier league because everyone loves this player because they are legends of this game and they already won everyone's heart by showing their talent through there batting fielding and of course wicket-keeping of Mahendra Singh dhoni but now it all depends on seniors how and what action are they going to take on this situation and what decisions are they going to make after we found one corona virus-positive patient in Chennai super kings camp.

Rohit Sharma is going to lead his team Mumbai Indians which is four-time champions of the Indian premier league, Royal challengers team has a great chance to win this year's league because peaches of the United Arab Emirates are known for a good spin so spinners have more advantage at there peaches, are Virat Kohli and the team going to win there the first title in the United Arab Emirates? Chennai Superkings are definitely going to play under one of the most experienced, most calm captains Dhoni, and hope they win their fourth title.

With young captain and with youngers team Delhi capitals surely trying to reach top four and to qualify for playoffs and to win them the first title, two-time champion Kolkatta knight riders is working hard to win their title and to come in line with Chennai super kings, Punjab also wants to win their the first title with there team and sunrise Hyderabad also going go try there best to win this title.

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