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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Coal Crisis In India Latest News- News Sect

India is facing severe coal shortage. the coal stocks at its thermal power plant can supply just days of fuel. Union power minister R. K. Singh has said that while the supply crunch has not yet led to any power cuts in India.

Thermal Power Plant

The average level of coal stocks at an increasing number of India's thermal power plant that thermal power plants hold 14 days worth of coal stock. On October 4, 16 power plant generation capacity of 17,475 MW(Mega watts) had zero days of coal stock. An additional 45 thermal power plants with a power generation capacity of 59,790 MW had coal stock only sufficient for up to two days of generation


A sharp uptick in power demand as the economy recovers from covid-19 pandemic, India consumed 124 billions of units of power in August 2021 compared to 106 billion units in August 2019, continuous rainfall in coal mining areas in August and September led tpower production and fewer dispatches of coal from coal mines. High international prices of coal have also led to plants cutting imports.



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