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Monday, November 23, 2020

Top 12 Tips For Getting Adsense Approval In 1st Attempt - Blogging

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Tips For Getting Adsense Approval In 1st Attempt :-

Today I am going to cover all points required to get the Adsense approval in just a 1 attempt. This things are possible and can be done very easily. For Adsense the google has set certain criteria that are not actual criteria but yes have to follow those criteria and write your post.

Top 12 Tips For Getting Adsense Approval In 1st Attempt
How many days and how many trials did it take for my Adsense approval ?

I had two website from which for one of the website i got the Adsense approval in 1st attempt and in 4 days.

My 2nd website not yet got the Adsense approval.

What was Niche of My blog ?

My first blog was on the basis of tourism in which I didn't get the Adsense approval while the second blog was of news niche.

Here are the few steps and things you should follow to get the Adsense approval instantly and in 1st attempt only.

1) Niche

Select the niche on which you can write. Niche in which you have knowledge, you have interest, you have interest. Don't take the niche by just seeing your friends blog or just by watching youtube videos. Just make sure the niche you are selecting will not make you bored.

My Niche :- News, Fashion

2) Number Of Posts

Everyone have a same doubt in each of their that how much post should I write and how many words should I keep. Let me tell you google has not set any criteria about the number of posts and number of words. Google just need a content in your blog. 

According to me you must atleast write minimum 15 to 20 posts in your blog.

My Posts :- I wrote 24 posts before applying.

3) Number of words :-

As I said above number of words are not set by Google but you should always write enough words to get google Adsense approval. 

My Words :- I used to write 400 to 600 words in my posts.

4) Copyright Content :-

You definitely can't copy the contents from another website and just put it in a you post. Content should be unique and should be different from available content. 

My Content :- All of my content was a unique and is a unique. As my blog is on news so I gets new content every day.

5) Translated Content :- 

There are so many techniques on the youtube to use content by translating it but this is not going to work. My first blog didn't got Adsense approval just because of this thing. I was using some translated content. You can't just translate it into another language and used it.

6) Language :- 

To get approval you must keep a single language in each of your post. This was also the problem caused in my first blog. I used two language in my post which caused rejection of adsense. Don't use two languages until you gets the google Adsense approval. 

My Language :- English

7) Plagiarism Checking :- 

You should always do plagiarism checking of your posts before publishing it. The repeated content is called plagiarised content. You should always check your plagiarism in more than 3 to 4 websites. Using more number of websites to check the plagiarism would be always helpful for you because not a single plagiarism checker website is perfect. So you must always use 4 to 5 websites to check your plagiarism. Small Seo Tools is the worst plagiarism checking website, please don't use it.

8) SEO Software :-

Semrush is the best website for your content to check it's SEO. You should always check your SEO before publishing post.

Click Here to go directly to the Semrush website. 

Semrush is the best SEO tools which will tell you about the keyword traffic, keywords competition and many more things.

9) Posts Consistency :-

You should always remain consistent in your posts publishment. If you are publishing your posts on daily bases you should publish the post om daily basis, break of 1 day will not cause problem. If you are publishing post by one day gap you should always try to do those things.

10) After how many months in should apply for adsense approval?

You can get Adsense approval within a short period but for safety side you should atleast waiit for 20 days to a months such that you can write required amount of content in your blog.

11) How much traffic required for adsense approval?

There is no such limit for to get adsense approval. You can apply for adsense with 0 traffic but it is better to have some traffic.

12) How to get google adsense approval in 1 min?

There is no such magic to give you adsense approval in 1 min.

There are more things need to do before and also after Adsense approval. I will cover aal things later on till then used all above suggestions to get your Adsense approval.

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