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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Walking Dead Season 10: How Many Episodes And When Will Episode 17 Release? - News Sect

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One of the best and people liked American horror TV series is what The walking dead TV series is. The year 2010 when the first episode of tha walking dead was released and it's latest episode is released few days ago that is in first week of  October of 2020.
The episode released in October of 2020 was the 16th episode of the season 10 and it was expected as a last episode of the season and also the last episode of whole series. But after seeing the end of the 16th episode of 10th season of the walking dead it seems there will be possibilities of more episode in upcoming years.

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There are still so many things need to be find out in the walking dead series so it's look like there are chances of more than 1 episode in 10th season and also there are chances of one more season that is 11th season. This is one of the longest and loved TV series by all people. The series has got million's of views for each episode.
The 16th episode of the walking dead was supposed to come in the month of April of 2020 but due to this pandemic it came in the month of October. The released date for 17th episode of the walking dead is not fixed yet but it will definitely release in the 2021. According to information there will be 6 more episode in the 10th season of walking dead. So there will be 22 episode in the 10th season.

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The Walking dead
The walking dead is horror series which has rating of 8.2 on IMDb. The main theme of the series is the surviving yourself from the zombies and also from the living beings. The people are shown more dangerous than the zombies in this series. After killing wishperers captain Alpha the most dangerous villain Negan has gain place in heart of people and in last season Negan also tried to kill Beta but unfortunately Daryl got the chance to kill him. Also the identification of Beta is also the mystery which will be solved in upcoming episodes.
According to information the 11th season of the walking dead will also come which will have the total 24 episodes. So this is gonna be more excited tv series.

There are two more tv series are also streaming simultaneously with the walking dead. The first one is fear the walking dead and the 2nd one is the walking dead, world beyond. The world beyond is the latest one with just 2 episode released and the fear the walking dead with 5 season released.
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