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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Cloudy Weather in Mumbai In Upcoming Days - News Sect

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     Its been raining from 3 days in Mumabi and today's is the fourth day and still rain has not stopped yet. Mumbai have to see the rain for more few days.

Rain In Mumbai

If you see there is pattern of rain Mumbai is following. In Mumbai it rains for almost for three days and then again it slows for next 3 to 4 days and then again it starts heavy raining for next 3 to 4 days again. August month is always been difficult month and also difficult situation for all the people who lives in Mumbai. 

Few weeks before kolaba in Mumbai record the highest rain fall in a day after so many years. From that day rain in Mumbai has been continuously raining which just takes break for 3 day's. 

Weather department is already declared the rain for last week and yes they have also said it for this week that is from 1st of September month and its a 31st of august  and its raining from the morning by taking break again and again. But whenever it comes it comes with heavy and large drops. Weather department has said this is gonna continue for complete week. For 1st of september month the weather is going to partly cloudy for whole day and for the next days it is going to remain mostly cloudy. Weather department said that the wind will flow with a speed of 9 km/hour to 11 km/hour. So its not going to be a heavy rain in upcoming days. The light rain fall will be there for a week and later it will start reducing week by week.


There is a memory of Mumbai rain which can never be forgotten. Mumbai people have seen one of the worst flood in Mumbai. The flood came in Mumbai in 2005 because of chocking of small river and also because of Mithi river. That was one of the worst flood Mumbai have ever seen. Hope so this thing should not take place again in our life.

According to records the Mumbai turns into sea everytime in the rainy season. This year also this things remained as it is it does not change. Every time in rainy or monsoon season Mumbai people faces this things. Mumbai BMC people claimes the non chocking of small flows each year but it does not work each and every time. 

This year rain in Mumbai contributed the same thing as it does every time. But this year due to the pandemic of corona virus people did not experienced the same thing they experiences every year because almost all students and most of the people. So no one noticed the impact of rain in Mumbai this year but let me tell you same thing happened like it is happening from starting. 

Now everyone is suffering and frustrated because of corona virus and small fever with little fear can result into your positive test of corona virus. If you are going make sure you are protecting yourself from the rain and if you will start to feel like fever don't even think for a second just go and take the medicines from doctor. Because small fever in you and small fear of corona virus will result into your positive test of corona virus. So don't be afraid of corona virus ( covid-19 ) but yes take care of yourself from the corona virus. Do the best you can do to protect yourself and your family from viruses like corona.

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