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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Sanjay Raut Used Slur Against Kangana Ranaut - News Sect

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     The India is one of the most crowded country in whole world with a lot of human population. India is facing a bunch of problems due to corona virus which is infected a lot of numbers of people that India is on number two with most of patient. But between this problem still India have more matters in it. Most popular in India right now is sushant Singh Rajputs death case and kagna Ranawat scene.

Bollywood actress
Kangna Ranaut
In latest updates it seems that some of the peoples of Mumbai are not allowing Kangna Ranawat to enter in Mumbai. On this Kangna Ranawat commented that this is Mumbai it is not pok. After this comment from Ranawat now Sanjay Raut targeting her and he wants Ranawat to apologise for her action. But in opposite to this Kangna Ranawat said that Mumbai is not controlling by anyone's father she can come and go anytime and anywhere, if someone wants to stop me from entering in Mumbai she can fight against them.

After this comment from Kangna, Sanjay Raut wants her to apologies to everyone and he says some of abusive words to her and now Knagna wants Sanjay raut to apologise to her for saying abusive to her. After this situation everyone targeting Sanjay Raut because he disrespects her and everyone thinks that he dont like to respect ladies and everyone questioning that does ladies really safe out there?
Sanjay Raut
Kangna Ranawat came into everyone's picture after death of bollywood hero. She took his side started to fight alone with all movie mafia without any fear in her. After that everyone started to support her but now after she compares as per Sanjay Raut Mumbai to pok does all peoples who supported her in that case going to support again in this case? Kanga is one of the best in bollywood business without any godfather.
Kangna Ranawat also fired on Rhea chakravarti as she said that Rhea used Shushant money for her personal uses. Now everybody targeting Rhea chakravarti as police found sone of the drugs in her house and they took her brother with them and still they are finding more clues to get her in custody.As per peoples from bihar, Mubai police is from Rhea's side and they want to save her. Even after a bunch of days after suicide police never got succeed to find anything related to this case.
In recent some of the post from social media shows that Rhea and Kagna wants to go to dinner which is not shown by any media because everyone targeting Rhea, everyone wants to see her to get what she deserves.  But it is not declared yet that they want to meet for something. Government gave a lot of protection to Kangna as she said that she is not afraid of anything and no one can hurt her even if people try to and she will definitely came in Mumbai without any harm.
In this case local police havent got that much regard to this case but the moment this case got transferred to CBI they started to find a lot of evidence against Rhea and her brother. As per police they both take drugs in large manner, so police caught more peoples who might used to gave drugs to rhea and her brother. As per sushant sister rhea and her brother wants to pull sushant in drug case she told that sushant never used drugs in her life and rhea wants to save her by targeting sushant.

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