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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Tata Motors Stock Market Share Complete Analysis - News Sect

News Sect :-

     Tata motors is known for its performance and it's service from the number of years. Tata is known for its durability that's why in rural areas all buses used are made of TATA company. Tata motors was founded by Jamshyed Tata who were born in year 1816 where this huge business's first brick was build.

Tata Motors, Logo, Tata
Tata Motors
In year 1945 just two years before of independence  year 1947. Tata motors head  quarters is in the city of dreams which is Mumbai. If you look at Tata Motors business it has not restricted to the single types of vehicles and also main important it's a Indian company which makes India proud in outside country also. With passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle and luxury vehicle to the military vehicle, just you can see the spread business of Tata motors.
Tata motors business is not spread only in India it is also spread in Thailand, Argentina and also in country South Africa. 

In 1945 the Tata Motors started with locomotive and it's equipment and also all engineering equipments. After that in year 1948 the Tata motors build it's first Road Roller. After that in year 1954 Tata motors started their well spread business by manufacturing their first commercial truck. Upto 1991 Tata motors was completely remained focused on commercial trucks and they manufactured so many types of commercial trucks. Then in 1991 Tata motors started thinking of passenger vehicle and then they manufactured their first passenger vehicle Tata Sierra. Then in 1992 they manufactured their second passenger car named as Tata Estate. After that they come up with their third passenger vehicle which ia well known passenger vehicle named as Tata Sumo and still you will see this vehicle is in the market. Then in 1998 they manufactured Tata Safari then in same year they manufactured Tata Indica in India. 

After that in 2019 the well known Tata's car came into the market. The price of passenger car was below just 1 lakhs rupees and the name of passenger car was Nano. After that so much passenger cars came into the market. Then in 2017 they started their sub brand and they named it Tamo. After they launched their safest car in India Nexon. 

Tata, Nano, Tata small car, 1 lakh rupees car
Tata Nano

Along with Nexon moster looked Haarier came into the market. If you will look at the Tata motors share price it is around 142.90 rupees. In April month the stock was around 68 rupees. But will you take this stock? If your answer is yes then you really need to read this stock and if you are not going to buy this stock then you are doing a good thing or not? Lets see in this post.

Stock Market :-
As I said earlier the stock price is around 142.60 rupees and yes this stock can go up more but not for long term.

News :-
 If they will be able to clear all debts the stock will become 1400 and if not it will come down.

Return vs Fixed deposit :- Definitely very low performance with less returns than fixed deposit.

Dividend Yield :- Tata motors does not offers good dividend yield.

Entry point :- 140 could not be the best price to enter into the stock as also the stock is in overbought zone. Let's wait for correction in stock.

PE Ratio :-
As the sector PE is around 67 and tata motors PE ratio is in minus it is around -3.

Financial Trend :-
Year 2017
Revenue :- 2.72 lakh cr.
Profit :- 0.07 lakh cr.

Year 2018
Revenue :- 2.99 lakh cr.
Profit :- 0.09 lakh cr.

Year 2019
Revenue :- 3.05 lakh cr.
Profit :- - 0.29 lakh cr.

Year 2020
Revenue :- 2.64 lakh cr.
Profit :- - 0.12 lakh cr.

As you can see revenue of Tata motors has been fall in year 2020 and also profit in year 2019 and 2020 is in negative and all records are in lakh crore.

Shareholding Pattern :-
Total Promoters Holding :- Promoters have hold 42% of stake in which 1.67 % is pledged. Pledged holding more than 0.5 is always bad for company and Tata motor have pledged holding of 1.67 % which is really worst condition.

Mutual Fund Holdings :- Mutual fund have 6.21 % of Tata's stock.

Domestic Institutional Holding :- Domestic Institutions holds 13.22 % of Tata Motors stock which is a good thing.

Foreign Institutional Holding :- It is about 15.62 % which is also good thing.

RSI :- 79.34
M. Flow :- 84.51
MACD :- Bullish Movement

When to Buy :- As the stock is in its overbought zone you can wait it to come down. As the stock is moving above its 20 day moving average so it is working like a support. You can wait to come it down and you can buy it at 120 and also look for dips buying.

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