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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Heavy Rain Fall In Mumbai In Upcoming Days - News Sect

Heavy rain, rain
News Sect :-
As we know last two days 5 th August and On 6th August Mumbai faced heavy rainfall. India Meteorological Department gave red alert to mumbai this two days rainfall is recorded 150 mm which is seen a lot in western side.

This rainfall affects a lot of things to stop mode of transmission are filled with water so mumbai people facing lot of problem to travel from one place to another. Tracks of railways are filled with water and its difficult to travel through train. Trains got cancelled at western side and locals at central and harbour are late because plenty of water.
Gate, India, Gate way of India.
Video of fish on railway station is getting viral day by day, someone recorded video in which fish has to be seen on railway station. This video is recorded on Parel railway station as station filled with water all big fishes came on railway station through water.

Bunch of people facing big problems because there house is nearly filled with water this situation shows the work of bmc. The worst part of this rain is roads get demolished because of a lot of water. Choupati are filled with water and water reached on roads side from beach, this seems to be very serious situation.
High Tide 
In corona crisis where its very difficult for common man to survive, to earn and to feed there families this rain causing lot of problem to them specially people who dont have place to live. After this rain temperate suddenly droped and it started to feel cold everywhere.

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