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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Five Story Building Collapsed In Mahad / Few Dead And Multiple Injuires - News Sect

Collapsed, building
Collapsed building 
News Sect :-
     The biggest news of this week is coming from Maharashtra state Mahad where five floor building collapsed yesterday. This incident happened on twenty fourth december two thousand and twenty (24th August 2020)  in mahad which is located in maharashtra state. A lot of effort is going to remove all that mound to save peoples which are affected by this incident.

This incident happened in raigad which is in maharashtra state. As per report by local police of mahad a man died and more than fifty people are still missing under mound and also local police of mahad and team manneged to rescue four year old boy from under the mound of mud alive with good health and this was really magical moment for them, the people who rescue that 4 year old boy said he is " Boy Of God".

Mahad building collapsed
To remove this mound of mud which is caused by collapsing of five floor building, three teams of ndrf are assigned for it. This teams works one after one to keep searching for people under mound on day and also at night, this workers giving everything to find this people. This teams are using detecting machines which can easily detects if there is anyone under that mound of mud, they are also using special dogs to find out peoples which are got stucked under that mound.

The name of the building which collapsed in Mahad was tarek garden building which was five years old and which was located in kajalpura of Mahad. As per details this five floor building had more than 40 flats and a lot of peoples used to lives here. As per reports we got from local resources there is chance of finding more bodies under mound of mud. Local Police also took proper action on builder and all people which are involved to this incident.

As per reports the reason of this building collapsion is heavy rain, due to heavy rain water manages to goes into walls of building which makes foundation of building unhealthy. There might be some politics behind this building construction. We are not sure but there is chance of using material which was not that strong to hold five floors building or we can also assume that base of that building was not strong to hold that much amount of weight.

After this incident home minister Amit Shah also tweeted to show how sad they felt after this incident and also they talked with DG of NDRF team and told them to start rescue operation. Chief minister of maharashtra state Udhav Thakrey also talked with officers of Raigad and asked them for rescue operation. As per reports a lot of people who living in that building already left building and went to there village, if all this people were present there during this incindent it could have been more worst and had more chances to get this situation worse than now it is.

Maharashtra already facing a lot of problems because of corona virus and between this pandemic incidents like this making large impact on livings and also on government. Maharashtra state have most numbers of corona patient compared to all other districts and its already getting difficult for politicians to control patients who are infected from corona virus and incident like this affects lot of people. 

Local Police and seniors going to take action on builders and all others who were involve in this accident. Police officers are also looking for any onther politician interfare in this matter so they can arrest them.

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